RESIDENCE CARD – When to apply?

You must apply if you intend to stay in Poland for more than 3 months and if the main purpose of your stay is to perform work in Poland. You submit the application for a temporary residence permit in person, no later than on the last day of your legal stay in Poland.

If you submit your application on time and there are no formal deficiencies in it, or if you complete the formal deficiencies within the deadline we indicate, your stay will be legal from the day you submit your application until the day the decision on it becomes final.

You can submit the application in person at the Department of Foreigners’ Affairs appropriate to your place of residence.

If you will not be able to submit the application in person until the last day of your legal stay, for the sake of the deadline, send the application in hard copy by mail.

The date of mailing at the post office counts.

If you submit the application by mail, the next step is to appear/fingerprint in person. During your visit, you can also submit other documents that are required to obtain a stamp in your passport.

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