Public Holidays

On Public Holidays most of the shops are closed.

January 1 – New Year’s Day

January 6 – Epiphany

The First Day of Easter (a movable feast).

The Second Day of Easter (i.e., Easter Monday, a moveable holiday)

May 1 – National Holiday

May 3 – National Holiday of the Third of May

The First Day of Pentecost (a movable holiday, but always on Sunday)

Corpus Christi Day (a movable feast, falls on Thursday)

August 15 – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (this liturgical feast is mentioned in the law; the date coincides with the Polish Army Day, which was reinstated in 1992)

November 1 – All Saints’ Day

November 11 – National Independence Day

December 25 – the first day of Christmas

December 26 – the second day of Christmas

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