What should you keep in mind when submitting an application?

Read the instructions before filling out the application. Fill out the application meticulously and slowly – the questions in the application are translated into three languages, if in doubt, get help from a translator.

When filling out the application for a permit, remember to:

  • fill it out legibly in Polish. If you do not know Polish, use the help of a translator,
  • fill in all required sections of the application in accordance with the facts. Do not omit anything, withholding information may negatively affect the processing of your application,
  • fill it out in capital letters, written in the appropriate boxes,
  • inform us if you have provided other personal information in the past – write about it in the justification. If you have changed your name, also provide your previous personal information,
  • provide the place of actual residence where correspondence will be received. If your mailing address is different, inform us of this when submitting the application,
  • in the section on criminal records, indicate information about sentences passed against you, and in case of uncertainty about the sentences passed, indicate that the proceedings are still pending (NOTE: payment of a fine does not prove that no criminal proceedings have been initiated and no sentence has been passed in the case),
  • in the section on pending criminal proceedings or proceedings in misdemeanor cases, provide information on all pending proceedings (e.g., on unpaid fines),
  • do not conceal information. The application is submitted under criminal liability – so if you have a criminal record check the appropriate box,
  • put your handwritten signature under it and write your name using the Latin alphabet,
  • provide contact information, i.e. phone number and e-mail address.

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