Medical issues

Where to go in case of an accident or sudden health problems?
Hospital emergency department (SOR) is a place where only patients in life-threatening conditions, which may include:

loss of consciousness; convulsions; disturbance of consciousness; sudden, acute chest pain; cardiac arrhythmias; increased shortness of breath; sudden, severe abdominal pain; persistent vomiting;
violent, sudden labor; acute allergic reactions resulting from drug use, bites, stings; poisoning by drugs, chemicals or gases; extensive burns; heat stroke; frigidity of the body; electrocution;
waterboarding; aggression caused by mental illness; accomplished suicide attempt; a fall from a great height; extensive wound resulting from trauma; injuries to the lower extremities that do not allow independent movement.

When we suffer an emergency that does not require an urgent visit to the ED, such as a sprain, simple fracture, skin cut, foreign body in the eye, we can take advantage of the specialist clinic (during the day during opening hours).

The services of the hospital emergency department (SOR) and the Night and Day Health Care (NiŚOZ) SHOULD NOT be used to obtain:
• prescriptions for chronically used medications,
• specialist consultations and additional examinations, except those necessary at the time,
• sick leave,
You can get medical assistance in cases of sudden illness or deterioration of health in the framework of night and holiday health care. Assistance is provided Monday through Friday from 6 pm to 8 am, as well as 24 hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays.

In other cases as flu, blood pressure problems, things that are not urgent You can go to the a primary care physician at your medical clinic.

How to register to a primary care physician?

  1. Go to your nearest clinic
  2. Pick up a form at the front desk
  3. Fill out the form as shown in the pictures below
  4. Give it to the receptionist, wait for the employee to register you
  5. Make an appointment at any time
    You have to fill three delarations (for women) and two (for men)

First one is declaration of choice of doctor:

Declaration of choice of nurse:

For woman only! Declaration of choice of midwife:

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