Documents needed to grant the permit

Documents needed to grant the permit:

  • Appendix No. 1 to the application confirms that you have the purpose of staying in Poland for more than 3 months and health insurance (in the case of an employment contract and a contract of mandate),
  • original information of the starost or a document confirming exemption from this obligation.

If the document is required, attach to the application the original information of the starost competent for your main place of work – its absence is not a formal deficiency, but attaching all properly prepared documents when submitting the application will streamline its processing during the evidence procedure.

  • if you will perform work under a contract for work – a current document confirming that you have health insurance,
  • if you work in a regulated profession – also complete the documents confirming that you have formal qualifications or meet the conditions that are required.

It is your responsibility to inform the Governor who issued your permit that you will stop working within 15 days of losing your employment. If you want to work for another employer, you must apply for an amendment to your temporary residence and work permit. If you do not submit an application to amend your temporary residence and work permit or a new application for temporary residence and work, we will initiate the procedure to revoke your permit because the purpose of your stay that you declared when you applied for temporary residence has ceased. If you fail to do so, we may refuse to change/grant another temporary residence permit.

A residence card is issued after a positive permit decision.

If you receive any information regarding your residency card, whether it was denied or needs to be corrected, you should contact our legalization department/coordinator as soon as possible (within a maximum of 3 days) so that you can file an appeal and continue your legal stay in Poland.

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